Sunday, 20 March 2016

How to help a friend going through separation

Family law is such a multifaceted jurisdiction that obtaining expert legal advice as a necessity. With the complexities of modern life - with everything from stepfamilies to intricate family trusts - the days of armchair advice may be over.

What has not changed however is a persons need to have a friend talk to. But knowing the right thing to say can be overwhelming especially considering the emotional sensitivity of the issues involved.

While each separation will be different here are a few tips for helping a friend during this time:
  • be calm and rational - encourage them to see that time or more information may help them make a more informed decision;
  • be objective - help them focus on the practicalities;
  • encourage them to seek assistance - to see a lawyer to sort through things but also their doctor or a councilor if necessary; and
  • Lastly, just be there for them as their friend. 

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